From the launch of blockchain legislation, legendary speakers like John McAfee, to cutting-edge artificial general intelligence robots like Sophia, the Malta Blockchain Summit has not been short of surprises or people, with 8,500 delegates embarking upon the “Blockchain Island.”


Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta began the summit speaking on his thoughts of the future of blockchain technology and the role Malta will play moving forward.

Dr Joseph Muscat
Dr. Joseph Muscat

“We should do things the right way, using clear and sensible parameters,” said Muscat.

SingularityNET’s state-of-the-art artificial general intelligence robot, Sophia addressed an excited crowd giving her thoughts on the future of decentralization.

“What excites me most is the ability to connect a lot of decentralized projects into a decentralized network made up of decentralized networks – an ecosystem of ecosystems,” said Sophia.

SingularityNET announced they will be collaborating with on a pilot project to look into the feasibility of a citizenship test for robots.

Sophia later appeared in a press conference praising the implementation of new government task force to design a strategy regarding Malta’s commitment to AI technology.

Later, ICO’s and AEToken were awarded €25,000 each during the summit’s ICO Pitch. Round two starts later today.

Cybersecurity expert John McAfee took the main stage, adding to the excitement of the thousands in attendance.

John Mcafee

“For the first time in human history we have the key to unlock the door to full control over what we deserve, where we live through the mind and the heart – connected together,” said McAfee.

Day 2 promises just as much excitement, so keep your eyes on our Twitter for around the clock coverage live from the “Blockchain Island.”


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