The NFL has announced they will be launching an NFT collection of card-themed collectibles tied to the 2022 NFL Draft on Thursday.

The new collection is now available on the NFL’s Polygon-based marketplace, which it announced in November 2021.

Since the marketplace’s release, the NFL has given out more than 500,000 NFTs associated with ticket purchases.

Many of the NFTs the NFL has released have sold out within 24 hours of their release, according to Sam Rubinroit, the NFL’s director of club business development.

The project is still in its “test and learn phase,” according to Rubinroit, with more project lined up for the regular season.

The NFL’s initial “Regular Season Clubs” NFT collection is currently trading in the $300-600 range.

The league’s players association (NFLPA) has a few crypto-related partnerships of its own, including an NFT tie-up with sports betting giant DraftKings and a partnership with the metaverse game Upland.

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