The following is an opinion piece by Intuit Consultants, who has been trading cryptocurrency since 2013 and who has gained a large following after successfully predicted numerous market events using Elliott Wave principles to analyze cycles and forecast trends.

Based off of the very long-term Neely-Elliott Wave count, Wave-F needs a few more months of sideways action before we start breaking up away from the green trendline.


The time target is saying wave-F should end sometime around July, and we will begin a violent wave-G up.

This G-wave will bring several cryptos to multi-trillion dollar market caps.

At which point, we will see the 12 year Bitcoin bubble ending, and we could see a very long-term (10 year+) correction beginning after that point.

It’s likely that we’ve already hit the lowest price, but there is a small chance we could go lower before July.

Most likely price will slowly drift sideways and up until around July, at which point it will finally break away from the trendline and begin a violent advance similar to what we saw in 2013 and 2017.

Most top cryptocurrencies should follow a similar pattern and see violent advances beginning in July.

For now I am remaining neutral/bullish until July, at which point I will take a more aggressive bullish position if my analysis continues to hold water.

More analysis is posted regularly in my personal TV Chatroom.

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