Billionaire tech investor Tim Draper has stated bitcoin (BTC) will hold five percent market share of the entire world by 2023, during a recent interview on Fox Business.


“It’s going to keep going because, I’m a believer than in four years, something like that, bitcoin will be about a five percent market share of the Earth,” he told the network.

“It’s a better currency, it’s decentralized, open — it’s transparent; everybody knows what happens on the blockchain.”

BTC has risen in value 14.50% in the last 24 hours, currently worth $7,321 at press time.

“I eventually want to have a fund where I take in bitcoin and I fund everybody in bitcoin and they pay their employees and suppliers in bitcoin and then I pay my investors in bitcoin,” he continued.

“I would then require no accounting, no legal, no bookkeeping, no custody — it would all be done.”

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