BitMEX co-founder and CEO, Arthur Hayes, stated he believes bitcoin (BTC) will increase to $10,000 in early Q4 of 2019.


Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes

“The 2019 chop will be intense, but the markets will claw back to $10,000,” said Hayes.

“That is a very significant psychological barrier…$20,000 is the ultimate recovery. However, it took 11 months from $1,000 to $10,000, but less than one month from $10,000 to $20,000 back to $10,000.”

Earlier this month, the company stated Ethereum’s Parity full node included a “potential bug”, which “sometimes reports that it is in sync, despite being several hundred thousand blocks behind the chain tip.”

“While the slow initial sync is a potential problem, at least for this system setup, Ethereum has not yet reached a point where the node cannot catch up, as the sync is faster than the rate of blockchain growth,” the report stated.

The bug could allow hackers to exploit the blockchain, however, BitMEX states it’s “highly unlikely.”

“One could argue the impact of this potential bug could be severe…if exploited by an attacker in the right way. For example a user could accept an incoming payment or smart contract execution as verified, while their node claims to be at the network chain tip…The attacker would need to double spend at a height the vulnerable node wrongly thought was the chain tip, which could have a lower proof of work requirement than the main chain tip. Although successful execution of this attack is highly unlikely, and users are not likely to be using the highest seen block feature anyway.”


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