EnCirca announces that it is the first ICANN Accredited Registrar accepting applications for Ethereum’s .ETH domain names.


Ethereum’s .ETH was created to map human-readable domains names to blockchain wallets, facilitating ease of use.

As illustrated by Facebook’s recent Libra announcement, cryptocurrency and blockchain use is becoming widespread and growing rapidly.

“Billions of internet users will soon have blockchain wallets for sending and receiving crypto-currencies”, says Tom Barrett, President of EnCirca.

“In response, EnCirca has made it easy for brand owners to protect their trademarks on the blockchain.”

Blockchain domain names are not regulated like .COM or .ORG domain names.

So, the traditional trademark protection mechanisms to prevent cyber-squatting of brand names are nonexistent. T

hus, brand owners are advised to defensively protect their trademarks in the .ETH top-level domain as soon as possible.

The Ethereum Naming Service has two different application processes, depending upon the length of the desired domain name.

Short Character .ETH Domain Names (3 to 6 characters)

Short names, such as Apple.ETH, are expected to be in high demand and will attract multiple applicants.

To ensure that these short domain names are allocated to those who have already used the same string in a pre-existing domain like .COM or .US, Ethereum will award registrations to the applicant demonstrating the longest continuous use of the same name in an existing domain name extension, such as .COM, .US, .ORG etc.

Long character names, such as Microsoft.ETH are available now on a first-come, first-served basis.

These long strings have been publicly available since May, 2017 and nearly 300,000 names have already been registered.


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