Ethereum Announces Three-to-Four-Year Roadmap


Ethereum creator, 23-year-old Vitalik Buterin, has announced a new three-to-four-year roadmap proposal in ethereum’s technical development.


The central theme of this new strategy is technique called “sharding” which has forever been anticipated to be encompassed in the protocol.

Nodes on the ethereum blockchain accumulate every transaction that has taken place on the ledger.

As ethereum exponentially expands, transactions begin to take longer to verify.

Buterin insinuated ethereum is hitting its boundaries.

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum

“The amount of activity on the blockchain is orders of magnitude larger than it was just a couple of years ago,” Buterin said.

“Scalability is probably problem number one […] There’s a graveyard of systems that claim to solve the scalability problem but don’t. It’s a very significant and hard challenge. These are just known facts.”

Sharding could be the resolution to this impediment.

This would allow for the blockchain data to be divided into subsections and allow each node to hold a small portion of the entire network.

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Consequently, nodes could count on on additional nodes for information and the fundamental calculations would hold the blockchain responsible.

This technology is still theoretical at this time with many questions to be answered such as, how the security would withstand attacks, and could nodes transmit false information to each other?

Buterin offered a new form of sharding structure that would resolve both scalability and ascendency, safeguarding the blockchain.

Ethereum will be split into several types of shards.

The main shard will comprise of the entire ethereum blockchain as it stands currently.

Subsequently, there would be additional shards, which Buterin nicknames “universes.”

The thought is that the partitioning of shards would allow smaller “universes” to be testing centers for uncompromising changes, and more accommodating changes on the core blockchain.


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