Over 26,000 new projects related to blockchain were created last year on GitHub, a code source website according to data composed by risk and financial advisory company Deloitte.


The report, titled, “Evolution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the GitHub Platform” states that the site is home to more than 86,000 blockchain projects, counting main initiatives like bitcoin.

Another important takeaway from the piece was the fact that a predominate amount of blockchain ventures are mostly sedentary on the site.

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“The stark reality of open-source projects is that most are abandoned or do not achieve meaningful scale. Unfortunately, blockchain is not immune to this reality. Our analysis found that only 8 percent of projects are active, which we define as being updated at least once in the last six months,” stated Deloitte.

San Francisco has the most blockchain projects with over 1200 users and 101 organizations.

London came in second place with 919 ventures overall, trailed by New York with 774.

“It is also worth noting the high level of activity in China, specifically, Shanghai and Beijing. In both of these cities, most of the projects pertain to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges, with an emphasis on scalability,” according to Deloitte.


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