Private Messaging App Wickr Points to Blockchain Technology Use


Wickr, a private ephemeral instant messaging application, was awarded a patent that allows the use of blockchain technology to maintain chat records.


“The secure room information and transaction information may be stored in a blockchain format, such that each participant of the secure chat room documents all commands and communications. In this regard, the secure chat room is managed in a distributed manner by all the participants of the room, and not centrally on a server,” describes the patent document.

Wickr Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Howell, stated that the company arranges the self-verification process to gurentee the client is talking to the correct individual.

Christopher Howell
Christopher Howell

“Everything we do is managed at the peer level,” Howell stated.

“The server doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

Regarding executing blockchain technology, Howell commented, “We do see some potential there,” but he admits that Wickr has not yet implemented the technology.

“The patent was more about how we control our peer-to-peer group messaging protocol,” Howell said.

Wickr was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California to allow the sending and receiving of “top-secret” messages, pictures, videos, audios, and files.

Its aim is to provide a free and easy way for anyone to send encrypted messages without a trace.

Both sender and receiver must have the app to communicate.

Only the receiver is able to decrypt the message once it was sent, and Wickr does not have the decryption keys.

Wickr has hundreds of thousands of downloads in over 113 countries.

Its clients include celebrities, royalty, reporters, feds, lawyers, doctors, investors, and teens.

Wickr’s protocol for ephemeral messaging and media uses standard encryption algorithms implemented for mobile devices.

This protocol can be integrated into other communications platforms, creating a unified mobile messaging platform that is private, encrypted, and anonymous.

Wickr was founded by a team of security and privacy experts to defend the basic human right to private communication.


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