Trump Administration Endorses Blockchain Technology


The Trump administration has endorsed blockchain technology in regard to using the decentralized ledger to enhance U.S. government procedures.


Two senior White House officials, speaking at Data Transparency 2017, stressed that blockchain technology is at the forefront of capabilities that might be helpful to the government.

Margie Graves
Margie Graves

“With artificial intelligence and blockchain, the White House is exploring a whole range of forward-leaning capabilities that might be helpful to government,” said Federal Deputy Chief Information Officer Margie Graves.

“These kinds of technologies are always something that we should explore. I don’t want my customers to be the last to know, or to be the last to be able to take advantage of some of these.”

The comments are noteworthy due to the fact that her office is responsible for resonating Donald Trump’s vision for the executive branch of government.

Director of strategic initiatives at the White House, Chris Liddell, emphasized that the United States must look at data management with long term in mind.

Chris Liddell
Chris Liddell

“As we look to the future, we want to ensure that today’s reforms do not hinder tomorrow’s adoption of emerging technologies,”

“Whether it is blockchain, artificial intelligence or perhaps a new technology that hasn’t yet been envisaged, standardized data will help ensure the government stays current of technology’s latest trends.”

Liddell is part of the White House Office of American Innovation created by President Trump in March with an obligation to advance recommendations on how technology can be used to improve government operations.

Several other U.S. government agencies are experimenting with blockchain projects, including the General Services Administration and the Centers for Disease Control.


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